Multidimensional Yoga


Yoga is a system of self-discipline that uses physical postures to train the body and mind. The experience of an asana, or posture, is multidimensional. The practitioner moves the body, seeking the correct alignment of the joints and activation of specific muscle groups. The practitioner also maintains a smooth, regulated pattern of breathing throughout the entire practice. His mental actions include remembering the instructions for the asana, remembering to breath, and observing the actions of the body. Additionally, he observes his state of mind and the movement of his emotions. The training of the self-observation leads to the skill called "mindfulness," the ability to simultaneously monitor many aspects of one's experience without being lost in fixation on one aspect. This skill is the most valuable result of training in yoga. The dimensions of the practice encompass the physical, mental, and emotion, plus the meta-mental effort of self-observation. With all of these efforts made on all levels, this is United Yoga. This is the way that I practice and what I teach.