Orkney does not have a yoga studio. We think it should. Do you?

Yoga studios and retreat centers exist in similar island locations worldwide, so why not Orkney? While the islands have only 22,000 residents, there are 250,000 visitors who spend £30-50 million per year. We view this as an opportunity to open a yoga and healthy living center for the islands’ community that would also capitalize on the significant tourism revenue.

The core offering of the studio will be yoga and corrective exercise that will promote healthy movement and longevity. Supplemental offerings will include calisthenics, meditation, and education on healthy living. There will be weekly classes and seasonal programs, such as retreats and a yoga teacher training program. The studio will employ local teachers. It will also invite international experts to offer workshops and events.

We are seeking investors for this business concept. The target amount of capital that we are seeking to raise is £100,000. Please share your interest with us and we can discuss the business in more detail with you.

The Teachers

Michael and Anne on honeymoon in Orkney in 2017.

Michael and Anne on honeymoon in Orkney in 2017.

Michael Perkola is a highly skilled personal trainer and teacher of meditation and yoga. He trains clients in the methods to regain and maintain essential mobility, strength, and personal insight. He has learned the best practices for running a fitness business from work experience in corporate and boutique fitness environments. Prior to becoming a fitness professional, he worked in marketing and graphic design, so he is overall well-equipped with the skills to run and maintain a fitness studio.

Anne Parker is a PhD candidate in Religious Studies with a focus on comparative religion and contemplative practice. She has taught and organized courses, as well as provided instruction in basic meditation. She has the experience and knowledge needed to maintain an up-to-date and high quality retail selection of spirituality and healthy-living focused books and goods. She has almost a decade of experience in meditation and yoga and has experience managing and coordinating conferences and other educational events and programs. She is well equipped to coordinate events and programs for United Yoga. She has many years of experience with vegetarian and healthy lifestyle cooking and has a first-hand understanding of what is required to transition into and support a long-term plant-based dietary commitment.

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Basic Facts

About the Yoga Industry

Annual Revenue in U.K.: £875.4m

Annual Growth: 2014-2019 2.1%

Employment: 16,138

Businesses: 4,235

[source: IBISWorld, November 2018]

About Orkney

Local population: 21,349, 85% of which are 15 years old or older

Yearly visitors: 140,000 that spend £30-50 million per year

Additional visitors from cruise ships: 113,000

Proposed Location

Stromness or Kirkwall

Orkney, United Kingdom


Existing Facilities

There are currently 5 active yoga teachers in Orkney.

Pickaquoy Centre in Kirkwall offers 7 yoga classes per week.

Kirkwall Grammar School Sports Centre offers 1 yoga class per week.

Shorelines Yoga & Art in Finstown offers Kundalini Yoga, which is more meditation than fitness.