Account of a Dream by Zen Master Takuan Soho

Account of a Dream by Zen Master Takuan Soho


Members of this group receive in-depth instruction in a variety of meditation practices.

This is Michael's fifth group to organize and instruct. Attendance is limited to a total of 10 people, including Michael, Anne, and the hostess.


Meditation - practice, study, discussion. Training to develop these skills:

  • Mental and physical relaxation
  • Mindfulness (heightened wide awareness)
  • Concentration (heightened focused awareness)
  • Prana (energetic awareness and control)


Ongoing. Mondays, 7-8 PM.


A woman's private residence in East Downtown.


$100 for 10 sessions, paid in full at the first meeting attended.

Please complete the APPLICATION

Your application will be considered by Michael and the hostess. You will receive a reply within 5 days of the submission of your application

Name *
Phone *
What education have you received in meditation? What techniques have you practiced?
Why do you wish to study and practice meditation? Please describe the intensity of your motivation. Strong, unsteady, or weak?
What are you interests? What do you want to learn and do now?
What do you wish to avoid? Examples: Buddhism; gurus; cultish behavior; black magic.
Confidentiality *
The membership of this group is limited to those who are motivated and those who can be trusted with the intimate details of other people's inner lives, such as information about their psyche and spirituality. Will you keep confidential the personal information of the members?