Workshop: Assisting the Asana

Saturday, June 9, 2016 at Pralaya Yoga, Houston, Texas

Experienced yoga teacher Michael Perkola will teach how to safely align joints and effectively engage muscles to enjoy yoga posture practice. Learn to assist - to use cues, appropriate touch, and minimal force to arrive near the ideal pose. Michael has taught everyone from the elderly to the dancers of the Houston Ballet. Attendees will discover how to use yoga and conditioning exercises to benefit their unique bodies and their limitations.

Each student is unique in her physical state and aspirations. To assist a student is to educate them on overcoming their obstacles. This may be a light touch and a couple of whispered words or it may take the form of a private lesson that works up to the desired ideal pose.
In this photo montage, I show Gaby how to release her pectoral tissues with massage to allow her to safely enter a fuller expression of Ustrasana / Camel Pose.

Duration 2 hours
Investment $40 pre-registration, $45 at the door