Energy: Self-Care and Self-Defense. Donation Meditation Workshop.

Sunday, October 29, 4-5:30PM

Republic Yoga, 1520 Center St #3, Houston, TX 77007

If you are tired of feeling poisoned and depleted by the negative emotions of others, then this workshop is for you. It will introduce basic concepts and essential practices for sensing, cleaning, and shielding one's psychic energy field. While self-care and self-defense are important for the average person, people who are sensitive and have frequent, intense contact with people require a greater effort to safeguard their well-being. This includes yoga teachers, massage therapists, personal trainers, etc.

Attendees will receive training in specific techniques as well as suggestions further study.


Anne Parker is highly sensitive to energy and has learned, through instruction from teachers and from her own rigorous practice, how to control, purify, and protect her energetic body. Anne is a graduate student in the Religious Studies Department of Rice University, where she studies the contemplative practices of Medieval Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism.
Michael Perkola is an experienced practitioner and teacher of meditation. He employs energetic techniques in his yoga classes in order to create a safe, healing environment for students. Energetic self-care is an important part of his meditation practice.

Fee: Donations of $8 minimum, $20 suggested.
RSVP You may simply arrive at the day and time or you may reserve for the event. Additionally, please mark that you are going on the Facebook event.
Parking is available in the lot at Center Street Studios and in the surrounding streets.